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Extensions Hagen is a co-operative project between Kulturföreningen Hagen (the organizer of the festival Hagenfesten among other things) and Umlaut Records (label and promotor of creative musics). The project will be realized within year 2014 in the village Dala-Floda in Sweden which has become  known among audiences and contemporary and experimental artists around the world for its yearly festival Hagenfesten with its unique familiar and prestige-less atmosphere.

As an extension of Hagenfesten, Extensions Hagen will invite 6 artists (musicians, poets/writers, visual artists, dancers/performance artists) for a 6-day residency, during 6 times over the year 2014. During these sessions the artist can choose to work independently or in collaboration with the others (upon mutual agreement). The first 3 days of the sessions focus on preparing for the last 3 days of focus on presentation. The presentation include an exhibit of the visual/performative work´s in combination of two evenings of concerts and/or performances. It will be open for the general public as sneak-peek into the artists work in progress as well as from the artists perspective seen as possibility to step out of the closed study room and take the risk of presenting something that might not be finished – as if something could be finished… – and further develop it from there.




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